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Gifts for Kids

2019 Holiday Gifts for Kids Afternoon Espresso- Holiday 2019 - Gifts for Kids

It’s definitely going to be memorable Christmas in our household!  Charlie is finally starting to understand the season and get so excited about all the best parts of Christmas.  It’s the cutest thing seeing her wake up every morning and ask us to “turn Christmas on” which translates to turning the Christmas lights on the tree.  It’s the cutest.

Joey and I love the concept of giving experiences like a membership to the zoo or Children’s museum, or even a vacation.  We have to get some things for under the tree, though.  I think a balance is good.

Bicycle with Basket– Okay- how precious is this little bicycle?  I don’t think Charlie is quite ready for one yet, but you know the second she is, this bicycle will be coming home with us!

Kitchen Set– We bought this set for Charlie last Christmas, and let me tell you it was worth every single penny.  I don’t think a day goes by where she doesn’t play with it for at least 20 minutes (it’s usually much longer than that.) There is so much to teach with a kitchen set.  We bought her a cash register this year so we can teach her to go grocery shopping!

Holiday Pajama Sets– I LOVE pajamas.  I ESPECIALLY love children’s pajamas.  I just recently found Smocked Auctions and they have THE cutest pajamas on sale right now for $19.99.  They have other adorable clothes that will make you go …awwww the whole time on their site!

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