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Afternoon Espresso- Ashley Pletcher

The Story Behind the Blog

Afternoon Espresso aims to inspire readers in all facets of daily life by sharing the newest fashion trends, beauty tips, travel advice, and even the latest coffee and cupcake obsessions!


After four long years in the accounting field, I was laid off from my job due to economic changes within the company. As I began the process of sending out resumes, I started to realize I was in need of a change and longed for a career that offered a bit more excitement. After years of contemplation on whether or not to start a blog, I decided there was no reason to waste another day. I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy, but I needed something inspiring and challenging, and most of all… something that I loved!! Thankfully, my husband has been my biggest fan and has fully supported this endeavor. Ironically enough, having an accounting degree has come in handy more than I ever expected! I’m not sure where Afternoon Espresso will take me, but I’m overjoyed to be on this journey as I continue each day with something new.

Growing up, I always had a passion for all things fashion. You could say I would walk to the beat of my own drum when it came to clothing. Today, I would define my style as classic with a feminine vibe. I tend to gravitate toward pinks, bows, leopard, and pearls with the occasional leather jacket and plaid thrown in. I’m a complete coffee and espresso enthusiast, with a coffee mug collection that is quite extensive. I am also a wine lover; however, champagne is quickly beginning to be my drink of choice! When I’m not busy with the blog, you can find me planning my next adventure in order to fulfill my dream of traveling the world.

You can think of Afternoon Espresso as your favorite local coffee shop. I hope you’ll stay and relax, chat about fashion and travel, and stop back often!


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